History of American Recognition to Active Duty Soldiers

What was the first award?

In Egyptian days, the military heroes were given honor by being marked with tattoos or given bracelets or necklaces to wear. In later years, the soldiers were decorated and honored by gifts such as a sword. Each sword was decorated to represent the honor and person it was honoring. In 1861, a Medal of Honor was introduced by the military as a way of saying thank you to the heroes that fought and died in these wars. This Medal was given to the next of kin or family members of the hero that died while fighting. This honor precedes most honors given.

America’s Later Awards

In 1981, the Medal of Valor was introduced. It became significant to people that fought in the Navy. This award medal is significant because it represents the most important aspect of the war. Fighting for one’s freedom is one of the most important moto of the Navy. This award is given for injury or death of a soldier. Each branch now has a medal to honor their hero of war and civilians that deserve. After the Spanish-American War, the military branches adopted the idea of wearing their medals on their uniform. The Army and Navy adopted their own criteria for their ribbon and award displays because of custom and symbolism.

Uniform Display of Awards and Ribbons

The Fruit Salad Display of Medals:

Medals that are given are usually worn on dress uniforms of the military individual. Wearing a ribbon bar holding a medal began around the WWI time. Officers began to place all the ribbon and medal awards in a square on the uniform and this became known as the “Fruit Salad and Scramble Egg” Affect. The fruit salad idea came from the many different colors and designs that some highly decorated officers may display on their uniforms.

The Gold Tassel Display:

Many of the officers also wear a gold tassel type dress on their uniform. Some of the ribbon awards are to be worn on the right side of the individual’s breast area. Navy, Army, Airforce and Marine service personnel can denote their rank by their ribbons and color-coded bars that they wear on their uniforms. Other military individuals know the rank just by viewing the combination displayed.

Memorials and Conclusions:

Everyone knows the stories of the soldier that gave his own life to save another. These soldiers are greatly missed by family and friends. The President of the United States gladly honors these soldiers for their courage and heroic acts. Dead or alive, the President makes sure the soldier receives his or her award during a prestigious ceremony to honor them. November is the month for honoring Veterans. Most Americans honor veterans by placing flags on graves of fallen soldiers. This is an honor that is graciously appreciated by the family members.