History of American Recognition to Active Duty Soldiers

What was the first award? In Egyptian days, the military heroes were given honor by being marked with tattoos or given bracelets or necklaces to wear. In later years, the soldiers were decorated and honored by gifts such as a sword. Each sword was decorated to represent the honor and person it was honoring. In […]

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Understanding the History and Definition of Medal of Honor

In 1861, the Medal of Honor became a symbol of appreciation or gratitude for service above and beyond the normal. This means that during combat a soldier may disregard his or her own safety to rescue another person. The award is given out by the United States President in the name of the United States […]


United States military awards: Why We Give Them?

Awards are given to military personnel to recognize their service and good deeds. Some awards are given for ability and training such as in marksmanship. The marksmanship awards can be for guns, bows, or swords. Each candidate is scored on their ability. The highest scores will receive these awards. Active and inactive or disabled Vets […]


Helping to Understand the History of The Purple Heart

The prestigious Purple Heart Award is the oldest award that is still being represented in the military today. This award began as the “Badge of Military Merit” in the year of 1782. George Washington found that it was important to honor the men that sacrificed their life or limb during service in the military. The […]