The Award Given for Heroism is the Valor

The Valorous Unit award is given to the Army unit as a whole for acts of heroism. This award can be a ribbon bar or a streamer. It is the second award, only under the Presidential Citation award. This award is given to the unit when the Commander makes the recommendation for such. The individual award that is similar is the Silver Star award. This award may be displayed on the uniforms even after the ceremony or after the individual leaves the unit. These are worn on the right side of the uniform in their own separate grouping.

In the event of death, the next of kin will represent the soldier during the ceremony to receive their accommodation. This award is one of the awards that brings pride to the unit, the individual, and the family. Each person receiving the award will present it proudly on their uniform during the ceremony.

A Description of the Valor Award

The Valor award is presented as a ribbon or a streamer in accordance with regulations. The ribbon award includes a rectangular shaped gold frame bar with red, white, and blue stripes. The stripes on the ribbon run horizontally the rectangular bar. The red in the ribbon measures in at 3/8 of an inch. The white is 1/64, and the Ultramarine Blue color in the centers is 3/32. The larger red sides first then a thin blue stripe, a thin white stripe, a thicker blue and a thicker white with the center being a thicker red stripe holding the star at the bottom. The star of gold displays a circle in the middle with a star in the center of the medal. The ribbon is the same as the streamer for the award.

How Does the United States Honor Units for Good Deeds?

The United States Army recognizes service members for different reasons such as good conduct, and service. The special citations set these military members apart and recognize them for their duty to their country. These awards have been a distinguished part of the United States of America since the year 1966. It may recognize units that are overseas helping people that are under attack from terrorist. Members of a unit may receive as part of the decoration for helping children that were under attack in a foreign country. The unit may even do something such as rescue individuals during a storm. The United States of American gives individuals these awards for having good conduct on land and sea.