The World War Two Medal Designer

The Army award was designed by Arthur E. Dubois. His creativity is now a signature for the awards created. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, Dubois designed several of the decorations, medals, and military awards that are in use today. He historically created the WW2 medal the Flying Cross. He could spot a disturbance in the way the medals and ribbons were worn. He made the red, white, and blue ribbons to let everyone remember the Americans that were overseas at the time. While Dubois was creating these awards, he was serving the United States as the U.S. Quartermaster for the Army Corps. He was one proud designer of officer’s ribbons and medals as well. During his lifetime, Arthur Dubois received several Civil writing awards himself. His creativity did not linger mainly in his medal creativity.

Old Articles Involving Dubois Opinions on Ribbons and Awards

Theater Ribbons:

This ribbon was a creation of Dubois to let people know that soldiers must agree they have a golden opportunity to be wearing the colors of America.

Shoulder Patches:

Dubois was one to speak out on the subject letting everyone know that the word “patch” was an insult to the colors worn on the shoulder. Insignia is the word he preferred to use when discussing the shoulder wear. Insignia describes both one and many just as the military would describe a soldier.

The Blouse:

Dubois explains the blouse went out of Army style in 1918 and now is known as the service coat. Many individuals of old still call the jacket the blouse.

The Life and Accomplishments of Dubois

Arthur E. Dubois was born William Edward Burghardt Dubois in 1868. He lived to the ripe age of 95 years. During his lifetime, he received several awards for his historic duty as a professor of sociology, economics, and history. He worked for equal rights for black Americans. He was one of the co-founders of the NAACP. He also protested things such as discrimination among blacks, slavery, and the mistreatment of blacks. While protesting these acts he also found time to write several books about Black America. He was one of the creators of the military awards we see now.

College and Personality of Dubois

Dubois was able to go to college because of the generosity of neighbors. He attended the University of Fisk in Tennessee and then went on to continue his education at Harvard. He was a singer and he loved the game of tennis. Like many other people in history, Dubois made many contributions to the United States and the military. He was noted for some of his opinions as stated above.

Dubois a writer and novelist

Dubois was known for many of his books and articles. He concentrated his writings on the struggles in life. His many books are beloved by many. His books cover the lives and struggles of individuals during his lifetime. To date, his life is celebrated and discussed in many forums and lectures around the world. Dubois was known to be a very creative individual. His attention to detail gave him the creativity that he needed to produce the many medals he contributed.