United States military awards: Why We Give Them?

Awards are given to military personnel to recognize their service and good deeds. Some awards are given for ability and training such as in marksmanship. The marksmanship awards can be for guns, bows, or swords. Each candidate is scored on their ability. The highest scores will receive these awards. Active and inactive or disabled Vets are privileged to obtain one or more of the awards mentioned below.

These are types of awards that may be presented to soldiers and civilians:

The Distinguished Service:

The Distinguished Service Cross Award for service to men and country. The Distinguished Service Medals are given to soldiers and civilians when they go above and beyond their service to their country.

The Silver Star:

The Silver Star award is given for acts of courage, heroism and being brave. It is given to each individual deserving because of behavior that is noble behavior.

The Non-combat metals are for heroism:

The Non-Combat medals and ribbons are given to people that may or may not be part of the military family. Some civilians might receive one of these medals as well. The Medals for non-combat heroism are given to personnel that is the hero in nonfighting situations. These could be given to someone that saves an injured soldier by removing them from a dangerous situation.

The Meritorious Service Awards:

The Meritorious service medals such as the Purple Heart are awarded for a person being a hero or for being injured while performing the task. The Purple Heart may be given to someone that is alive and to the next of kin for someone that is deceased.

The Commendation Medals are given for jobs well done. These medals are made from one of three things. They are poured from brass, gold plate, or bronze.

The Personal Achievement Awards:

1)The Achievement medals are given when a soldier or individual meets requirements such as patches are given to scouts when they achieve a task. These medals are made from one of three things. They are poured from brass, gold plate, or bronze.

2)The Commandants Letter of commendation is one of the ways it is decided that a person may be worthy of an award such as the following:

3)The Presidential Unit Citations are given to the whole unit by recommendation from a higher commanding officer. Meritorious Unit Commendations are given to the unit for good work. Efficiency Awards are given as part of being very efficient in duties.

4)The Good Conduct medals are given when the person is acting with good intention and actions at all times.

5)The Expeditionary Awards for Service: This medal is Red, gold, white, and blue striped rectangular badge.
The Global War on Terrorism medal is multi-color stripes beginning on blue, then gold, then red, blue, white and blue. It completes by reversing the previous colors right to left.

6)The Humanitarian award is purple and light blue with a larger darker color on the inside. Prestigious armed forces service medal is green, black, gold and blue stripe. Each ribbon badge offers pride to the recipient.

7)The Expeditionary Medals, Occupation Medals, Campaign Medals, and Service and Training Medals are other types of medals given for service. Campaign and Service Medals are described for service and as such are the National Defense Service Medal. This is a badge of general service merit.

Ribbon Used as Awards:

Ribbon Awards are also given to individuals deserving of the awards below.

1)Recruiting Service Ribbons could be given to someone that has done a remarkable job in recruiting personnel. Training Service Ribbons, Guard Ribbons, and Professional Development Ribbons could be because of fantastic service in training, guarding or other acts.

2)Marksmanship Ribbon for Rifle and pistol is different for the Coastguard, Marines, Army, Navy, and Airforce.